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Can’t make it to the AK Academic Decathlon in person?  Check out our Live Stream of the following events:

Super Quiz – Friday, February 28, 2020

Awards Banquet – Saturday, February 29, 2020

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AAD Board of Directors



Sharon Boyette - Director
Affiliation: Solstice Alaska Consulting
Duane Epton - Speech Chair
Affiliation: Alaska Airlines, Toastmasters
Sara Huff - Director/Essay Chair
Affiliation: AFS Intercultural Programs
Wilson Hughes - President Emeritus
Affiliation: GCI
Roger Hull - Vice President
Affiliation: University of Alaska
Pam Lloyd - President Emeritus
Affiliation: GCI
Ben Newman - Scoring Chair
Affiliation: State of Alaska, Former AAD Decathlete
Danny Parrish - Treasurer
Affiliation: GCI
Jennifer Lamoreaux - President and Interview Chair
Affiliation: GCI
Juliana Wayman - Secretary
Affiliation: GCI
Sheryl Weinberg - Director
Affiliation: SERRC - Alaska's Educational Resource Center

Recent News

Lathrop High School takes fourth place at Nationals.
May 1, 2017

Lathrop High School takes 4th place in their division at the USAD National Competition in Madison, WI. Here’s how they did:

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Strategic Planning Objectives

1) Build Strong School Programs and Increase Participation

  • Have a presence at conferences for school administrators and school boards to promote and market the Alaska Academic Decathlon
  • Send an informational packet to the Department of Education and school administrators that shows how our program supports and encourages a wide range of student academic levels while promoting the high standards for high school students developed by the Department of Education
  • Conduct a coaches and prospective coaches clinic. On-line Coaches’ Handbook updated yearly
  • Send two State Championship teams to the national competition if current program is continued by USAD
  • Seek grant money from USAD for curriculum materials for schools participating for the first time

2) Maintain Healthy Finances

  • Maintain a long term primary sponsor
  •  Promote a summertime fund raiser
  •  Continually seek new sponsors and encourage previous sponsors to be sustaining
  •  Investigate the benefits of an AAD Foundation
  •  Investigate options for a more aggressive investment strategy for unencumbered funds
  •  Seek grants
  •  Develop a data base of Alums and ask them to support the Decathlon with a donation
  •  Conduct a yearly budget review
  •  Ensure timely tax filings

3) Ensure Effective Overall Management and Effective Governance Body

  • Hold an annual work session to update the Strategic Plan
  • Encourage more Board member and volunteer participation
  • Develop a Board of Directors with diverse business backgrounds in the community
  • Conduct an employee contract review on a yearly basis and articulate clearly to staff the annual mission to be accomplished

4) Ensure Stakeholder Satisfaction

  • Conduct surveys of the organization to better understand objections and concerns
    • Coaches survey
    • Volunteers survey
    • School administrators survey
  •  Continue a student feed back session
  •  Maintain a high level of communication with all stakeholders

5) Increase Name Recognition

  • Develop and maintain a State web site
  • Continue with newsletter and press releases
  • Seek a Board member from the media
  • Update brochure annually