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Welcome to the Alaska Academic Decathlon. We would like to help you in preparing for the Alaska Academic Decathlon State Competition.

The objective of this page is to provide the most fundamental “how to” information for a new coach who knows absolutely nothing about the Academic Decathlon, and to provide current and pertinent information for all coaches.

We hope to see many new schools taking part in the Alaska Academic Decathlon. Each coach is strongly encouraged to arrange for wide participation by involving as many students and faculty as possible. Expand the Academic Decathlon philosophy of encouraging, recognizing, and rewarding academic achievement. Foster the important TEAM concept in your school.


Coaches’ Resources

We would like to express our appreciation to USAD, Texas Academic Decathlon and Arizona Academic Decathlon for their assistance, and for allowing us to reproduce materials provided by those respective organizations

The AAD Coaches Handbook has been developed to assist team coaches, both first timers and those with one or more seasons behind them, with the process of selecting and developing an Academic Decathlon team.

Coaches can register their teams by downloading and completing the 2019 Intent To Participate form and emailing to cclifton@gci.com, or by filling out the information on the right-hand side of this page and hitting submit.

Click here to make your hotel reservation for the 2019 Competition

Group Name:  34th Annual Academic Decathlon

Group Code:  ACADEC

Other Registration Information and Forms (The rest of 2019 forms are coming soon!)

2019 Team Intent to Participate

2019 Student Registration

2018 Team Registration

2019 Event Timeline

2019 Schedule Of Events

2019 Accepted Courses

Calculator Policy

Code Of Conduct Dress Code

Eligibility Guidelines

GPA Calculator 9th Grader (pdf)

GPA Calculator 9th Grader (xls)

GPA Calculator 10th Grader (pdf)

GPA Calculator 10th Grader (xls)

GPA Calculator 11th Grader (pdf)

GPA Calculator 11th Grader (xls)

GPA Calculator 12th Grader (pdf)

GPA Calculator 12th Grader (xls)

Resume Guidelines



This year’s program focus is The 1960’s –  A Transformational Decade!  Download a copy of the 2018-2019 Overview Guide

Register Your Team


The Alaska Academic Decathlon recognizes new rookie teams that have not participated during the past three years. If your team qualifies, the entry fee will be refunded at the state competition.

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